Zoo – Arctic world pavilion I U Trojského zámku 120/3, Prague 7 I Czech Republic I 2017 I The Prague zoological garden

The idea of the Arctic pavilion is not about the traditional dividing to the exterior and interior - it's about the trail. A trail that passes smoothly across all exposures at different elevation levels, and which allows the visitor to see all the animals. No twists and turns on the trial, no need to come back.

The architectural design and position in the landscape admits the inspiration of the tundra-snowy peaks deriving from the grassy plains - it is based on the attempt to respect and complement morphologically complicated terrain and to amend this terrain by the mass of the pavilion. The central area “flooded" with subtle rays of daylight that create a play of lights and shadows on cracked walls and create the atmosphere of a real ice cave, provides a view above and below the water surface - the predator world - the polar bear, and the world of prey - seals.

An adventurous visit to the Arctic world can begin...